While those in Michigan may get a bit of a break from the snow--at least for today--dangerously low temps are causing others concerns. 

Wind chill temps that could near 30 below zero are prompting warnings from doctors.   They say for those who can, should limit their time outdoors.  If that's not possible, than take regular breaks from the cold.  In temperatures like these--where the air 'feels' like you're living in the Artic,  hypothermia or frost bite can happen pretty quickly--in most cases, in less than an hour.  Young children and the elderly are the most susceptible.

They also advise dress in layers for additional warmth and wear a hat, scarf and gloves to buffer you from the bitter cold.  While we should see a bit of a warm up this weekend, temps will be heading back into the danger zone next week where we could see cold weather like we haven't seen in nearly a decade.