A good amount of snow made for some tough travel on Sunday night and Monday morning, but the worst of it could be yet to come.

Forecasters say a blast of the white stuff is headed for New England and parts of New York today where as much as a foot of snow is expected to fall.  Heavy snow is being blamed for wreaking havoc in other parts of the country already.  Numerous spin-outs and accidents have already been reported in neighboring states.  In Indiana, a collision involving a pick up truck and a bus is being blamed for the death of one person and injury to at least 15 others.

Warnings as well to those traveling home after the holidays.  Backups and cancelations reported at Chicago's O'Hare airport that could have a ripple effect across the country.  Travel agents are advising travelers to call ahead to make sure a flight is still scheduled or to be made aware of any potential delay.

Also warnings from doctors on those dealing with heavy snow.  They say shovelers should allow time for rest to avoid overexertion that can lead to a heart attack.  They advise as well to dress in layers and limit time outdoors in temperatures and dangerously low wind chills like what we're experiencing now and will in the coming week.   Also, remember your pets.  Provide sufficient shelter and fresh water supplies, and if possible, bring them inside for a time.