While the focus of the situation after the Spartans win over Ohio State continues to revolve around those responsible for setting dozens of fires late Saturday night and early Sunday morning, there is a sign that not all good has been lost.

Steven Ripley knows that all too well.  His vehicle--a 1995 Honda Civic--was one of the victims of the melee.  The Detroit Free Press is reporting he told police he had just returned to his East Lansing apartment  after working a shift at his job when a group of about seven out-of-control revelers seized his vehicle and overturned it.  The car sustained significant roof damage and was listed as a total loss.

It was as word of the destruction spread, that Ripley had 'another' believe-it-or-not moment!   Community members came together in a fundraiser to raise cash for him to replace the much needed transportation.   Organizers say they were prompted into service after all of the negative reporting of the celebration hit the airwaves.  Ripley is just happy he's being made whole.