Americans for Prosperity running ads with Michigan citizens suffering under the Affordable Care Act.  Calling out U. S. Represenative Gary Peters for his vote in favor.

Now, though, Peters is firing back.  Launching his own ad today depicting not the candidate, but the family man.  

New Ad depicts Peters as family man

The Detroit News is reporting that the 60-second ad is titled "Gary's Story" and focuses on the candidate's middle-class roots.  It features Peters' wife, Colleen, who describes her husband as "deeply committed" to Michigan a trend that has continued in the Peter's family, she says, for five generations.

The ad includes pictures of Peters in cap and gown and in military fatigues.  He enlisted in the naval Rerves after the September 11, 2001, attacks.

There is no mention, though, that Peters is a Democrat or supporter of the Affordable Care Act.  It's his vote for passage that has drawn fire from Republicans, like opponent Terri Lynn Land, who question his decision-making.

The first set of ads will run over a seven-week period costing a million dollars.

The report indicates that recent polls show the race for Senate is neck-in-neck.  It is a crucial seat that could affect the balance of power on Capitol Hill.

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