I am tired of my progressive friends arguing over the future benefits of the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. How could anyone possibly know if it will ever work? There have been at least 37 changes made by executive decision or fiat of dubious legality to the signature achievement of Barack Obama since it was signed into law.

Obamacare has pushed six and a half million people off their plans, that is a fact. About three and a half million have signed up for Obamacare medical benefits however the most generous estimates find only 14% of those participants were previously without insurance coverage. Meaning the rest are just insurance policy refugees pushed from one over priced plan to the next.

My premiums jumped this week about $200 a month and my deductible is up a few thousand a year and that’s just to keep the same plan I had last year. I thought I was done getting gouged by the effects of Obamacare but I was wrong. I went to the mailbox today and found my new insurance card from Humana. That’s when I got slapped across the face... the new co-pay for an Emergency Room visit is $500!!! Last years co-pay was $100 to visit the ER.

I am getting pummeled for the exact same coverage and I anticipate it will only get worse.

What happened to my $2500 savings? What happened to Obamacare helping the middle class? Why is it that the middle class is getting crushed financially by Obamacare?

Thankfully my friends on the left say they have a solution to all the chaos and it’s called single payer. They tell me if we just put the government in charge it will all be better and we will all be better off. Gee Captain Obvious isn’t that what they told me about Obamacare??? Didn’t we already do that???

I’m sorry but how stupid do they think we are? You may want to look around the room before you answer.