A 20 year old is the latest to pay the price for his part in the disturbance after the Spartan's Big Ten Championship win last December.

Justin Paul Roe was arrested by East Lansing Police and charged with three counts of disorderly conduct of unlawful assembly, kindling a fire, and being within 300 feet of a fire.

Roe opted for a plea deal with prosecutors and was given the option of 30 days in jail or agreement to leave college for one year.  He opted to serve the time and was granted work/school release to allow him to continue his education at the Michigan State University.  The sentence was extended, as part of that deal, to 45 days to provide Roe flexibility.

He has also been ordered to pay fines and restitution.

East Lansing City Manager George Luhanas said while a hard line to take, it was something that the city and its police department needed to do. “While it is unfortunate to see any student face jail time, we also want to see these civil disturbances come to an end before someone gets seriously hurt. Our concerns go far beyond the image it leaves on this university town. Our main concerns are the impact to public and private property and, first and foremost, the safety of our students, long-term residents and emergency personnel.”

Roe is the first to be sentenced to jail time for his part in the melee.  Court proceedings are continuing against others involved.  A total of 28 people were arrested on various charges.  Police say  arraignment and sentencing details can be found at www.cityofeastlansing.com/civildisturbance.