Have you ever considered suicide by a jelly fish or have you heard of someone being injured by a forced landing of a spacecraft?  How a horse-drawn carriage colliding with a trolly?

Well if you have do not fret you are covered, as of October 1, 2014, your doctor will have a code to record it if these or 149,997 other things happen to you.

From The Weekly Standard "on that date, the United States is scheduled to implement a new system for recording injuries, medical diagnoses, and inpatient procedures called ICD-10—the 10th version of the International Classification of Diseases propagated by the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland."

The number of codes will explode from 17,000 under the current system to 155,000 under the new one, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

This is not due to the Unaffordable Care Act.  The transition to ICD-10 was planned long before Congress passed the Unaffordable Care Act in 2010. But Obama administration officials say it is a critical part of the coming reforms. “ICD-10 is the foundation for health care reform,” said Jeff Hinson, a CMS regional administrator, in a conference call about ICD-10 for providers in Colorado."

Your thoughts?